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Gebrüder Grimm

The bookshop with toys in Mauritiussteinweg, Cologne, Germany. Welcome to our homepage. Sorry, but this is the only page written in your language, but look at our language and grammer, this is hard stuff for us! Contact us if your are interested in a translation of some of our pages - we will see what we can do.

We cover:

Buchkatalog Books: Good books for childrens and young people as they appear in our 1997/98 catalogue according to age.
Spielzeug Toys: What toys shall I give my children? We have suggestions here.
CD-ROMs CD-ROMs: Special CD-ROMs from our CD-Department, we have selected a few titles which we think are suitable for children.
Grimms Fäden Grimms WEB: CD-ROMs for children? What's the right CD-ROM for what age? Why does a gyroskop spin? Creating a fractal! Tips for the "Worlds Best Bug Viewer"! These are the sort of things we want to do here.
Neues News: If you are visiting us again, look here to see what's new.
Gast Seiten Guest Pages: We invite guests to create their own pages here.

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